Well, I finished presenting my poster at the WAAL conference yesterday. It was pretty fun. It’s nice to chit chat and exchange ideas with other librarians. (Especially when wine and beer are served).

The poster was about a mock training blog I created. As a student worker/low level employee of libraries for many years, I’m always frustrated by the poor communication from full time employees.

There’s no point in quantifying, but here I go anyway. I’d say after every staff level 75% of information is lost. So if something happens in the ref. department, I’d have a small chance of hearing about it. If something happens at the admin level, well, ref has a 25% chance of hearing about it, and I’d have 6% chance of hearing about it.

This I don’t mind too much. But everyone always assumes that what they know, you know. And that is where the problem comes in.

So here’s a humble attempt to address the situation. Blogs are nice, lots of places have them. Through on some video tutorials about new databases, make them easy to navigate so we can refer back to them (we are librarians after all) and you have a tool that can be used. Listservs are not tools. Collected information is.

Anyway, I’ve been building one of these for my position at the limnology library. We have high staff turnover (100% every two years), so high level documentation is always important.