So I now have two different test libraries, and I’m working on a third through wordpress using Scriblio,

The first is built with Drupal and a couple of modules. The backbone module is biblio. However, per a suggestion by another biblio user I’ve added taxonomy access control lite a nice little module that can help control which parts of our collection and which are public.

The biggest problem with Drupal (and all options so far) is the weak search interface. Biblio’s is particularly bad since it only gives ten results no matter how many there are in reality. This just baffles me and I’m wondering if it’s a bug. However, it imports Endnote nicely and seems to be able to handle our large collection. It’s not perfect, but it may actually be the easiest especially if we have to maintain our Endnote records on the side, a possibility I’m sadly beginning to accept.

On the other side I have a nice Joomla set up. The key component here is docman which does an excellent job of allowing indexing and flexible permissions. The downside is, again, metadata. There is no metadata input and thus searchability is next to nothing. It is, however, easier to browse and may thus be more useful for end users. Again, I’d have to maintain it in addition to the EndNote “library” that we have now.

Other than that, I’ve been tinkering with a few faceted search options. That won’t work in Drupal yet because the vocabulary is all over the place and is pretty chaotic at this point. It could be a nice solution to help browsability while maintaining more sophisticated searching and filtering options.