I have been puzzling through the now emerging limnology digital library for about a week now. Joomla is looking good but lacks a key functionality. Specifically there is no way to put in metadata and then search by said metadata. Kind of important.

After a week of wrenching I’ve really come to appreciate the time I’ve spent messing around on, say, wordpress (this isn’t my first blog). The first one I put together to look like a static webpage. It took me most of a long air-conditionless summer night to finish. A couple of weeks later, I put together another word press blog/webpage to support my candidacy for a job. It took my lunch hour and that includes inputting all of the information and modifying a template.

I consider myself a pragmatist. A tool is only as good as the job it can do. And so much time spent tinkering and testing are the best forms of discovery. I think a successful project is not a matter, necessarily, of skill or training, but about having the ability to see possibility.