I’ve been spending the last week puzzling over a problem at my library, the Center For Limnology. We have a large collection of reprints but it has being held together in a very inconvenient and very unsustainable way. Right now, our database is EndNote and the files can only be accessed from the local network. So if one was away (which ecologists often are) they would have a very difficult time accessing any information.

Easy, I thought. I’ll fix that with my fancy young man’s knowledge of the web. No go. Much more difficult than expected. Plus, and this is going to surprise everyone, my budget is nothing and support is fairly limited. So far I’ve been considering either a full on digital library software (Greenstone) or a hacked out content management system like Drupal, but both have quite a few difficulties. And it just bugs me because I know a solution is out there. But damn, it’s hard to find sometimes.