Librarian and fellow Kansan David Lee King wrote a great post about about the deficiencies of library websites.

It’s a great idea and one that really got me thinking. As much as we need to push beyond the idea that all important material is in book form, we need to make peace with the idea that the libraries value is moving outside its physical walls. The changes are coming, slowly. And there is always the inevitable ideological squabble, but the sooner we make peace (especially in academia) that people would rather not chug across town (or campus) to the library, the better we can begin to assess our services.

So rather than lamenting the falling gate counts. Rather than whimper at the use of phones in the library and the mounting dust on the reference collection, we should be asking why patrons use the library. What are their needs and how the library (in the abstract) can pop into their heads as the best way to meet those needs.